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Cross Discipline Training

Does your Hockey/Football/Basketball team need a new challenge in training?

UK Soccer offers the very latest revolutions in training methods for sport – Cross Discipline Training (CDT) – Helping players to acquire skills and knowledge from a different sport which can be applied in their normal area of expertise.

CDT is geared towards helping a player expand their scope of skills and abilities beyond the confines of their own sport by perfoming a different activity or exercise to the one they are used to.  This can help to improve their motivation, overall perfomance, improve fitness and conditioning and reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

We offer a training program structured around the drills and skills of soccer as an alternative to your normal weekly training sessions.

1)  MOTIVATION:  CDT helps to maintain the enthusiasm of your players by breaking the monotony of the normal training regime, allowing them to enjoy sports in a different enviroment.  Used alone or alongside more traditional training methods, CDT is an excellent way of bringing a little bit of diversity into your weekly training.

 2)  PERFORMANCE:  Developing new skills in a different sport can broaden the knowledge of your players.  Many of the “Invasion” type sports have common threads that run thoughout; we can focus on these shared fundamentals to enable them to apply these techniques in your normal game.

 3)  FITNESS:  CDT can also help with improving fitness and calorie burning potential as the body is being taken out of it’s normal routine and has to adapt and use different muscles and energy systems to perform the new activities.

4)  INJURY PREVENTION:  Performing a different sport on a regular basis allows the participant to work different muscle groups and to rest muscles from their normal actions.  CDT can also help with ‘Active Recovery’ from any existing injuries.

Cross Discipline Training may be the ideal compliment to your regular training sessions and game preparation.